These 20 Game of Thrones Facts Will Blow You Away

Game of Thrones facts - Daenerys originally had purple eyes

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Warning – this article may contain spoilers, depending upon how much of the show you’ve watched. These Game of Thrones facts might not totally change the way you watch the show, but they certainly make it more interesting.

One relatively minor difference between the show and the books is the color of the Targaryens’ eyes. In the novels, they have silver hair and purple irises. It would definitely be a more fantastical look than blonde and hazel.

They actually attempted to give the characters violet eyes, giving them colored contact lenses. But the showrunners felt that it would hinder the subtlety of the actors’ performances.

Silver hair and purple eyes will remain a cosplay for the diehard, purist fans of the novels. Surely there are more than a few.