11 Plagiarized Speeches

1. Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson

Did you hear? Melania Trump plagiarized a speech from Michelle Obama. Earth shattering right? Um, not really. The classic art of ripping people off has existed for centuries, neh, millennia. Here are some other examples of plagiarized speeches from recent years.

Dr. Ben Carson was among the first to chime in on Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech allegation. He claimed that her connection to Michelle Obama showed that “we share the same values.” Did you know that Carson himself had a run-in with plagiarism in his own book?

The story broke in early 2015 that the Republican candidate had lifted passages for his New York Times bestseller, America the Beautiful.

Carson hadn’t acknowledged the possibility of plagiarism for the three years the book had been out. But as soon as the news broke, he was quick to admit his mistake, saying “I apologize, and I am working with my editors to rectify the situation.”