The 15 Least Intelligent Presidents In U.S. History

Idealistic views of government depict the president as a grand wizard of brilliance. But when you delve deeper into the history of the executive branch, it appears to be only slightly more competent than a DMV office.

However when we peel back the bureaucratic layers, presidents individually tend have a higher IQ than the average bloke. So among them, who is the least intelligent in U.S. history?

1. Ulysses S. Grant - 120 IQ

Grant was a decorated war general on behalf of the Union Army during the Civil War, but he was also a notorious alcoholic.

While Grant was a staunch supporter of civil rights and signed into law the Civil Rights Acts of 1870 and 1875, he was also a binge drinker. Needless to say, the drinking got a higher priority of his time.