Conservatives for Hillary: These Republicans Left Trump

#NeverTrump has been the theme of this election from voters of both parties, especially from some of the most prominent conservative figureheads. Their contention is that Trump doesn’t reflect true American values, given his harsh stand on immigration.

Glenn Beck

One of the most emotional pundits in America has made his anti-Trump ideas a focal point of his daily radio show. Although he’s no supporter of Hillary, Glenn Beck is worth mentioning as a conservative who is passionately opposed to the Trump machine. He believes that Donald Trump is frightening, EXTREMELY damaging, and even called him “bone-chilling.”

In an interview with another prominent #NeverTrump-er, Beck posed the following question:

“If he oversteps [his authority], how do we get him out of office?… I don’t think there is a legal means available.” SiriusXM briefly suspended Beck for insinuating that Americans might have to assassinate Trump if he oversteps his authority.