Celebs Who Go To College Parties

There ain’t no party like a college party, because young people don’t stop for anything. Even if someone is taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, the party still lingers onward. Thanks to social media, sacred university parties that were once folklore are now becoming well known across the country. So understandably, the hottest celebrities gots-to get in on that. No matter where the celebrations take place, whether in California or Louisiana, famous people WILL find them. Check out the 10 most famous celebrity party crashes… oh, I mean “appearances.”

1. Justin Bieber

College: University of California-Santa Barbara

The Bieb-meister knows how to throw down, and throw up. Justin is infamous for his teenage antics… even though he’s well into adulthood (age wise). So it makes sense that he would seek out a college house party in Santa Barbara. At one of the college’s most popular events, Deltopia, Justin was caught in the middle of a riot as 15,000 partygoers objected to the arrest of an intoxicated student. To our knowledge, Bieber’s hair was not damaged in the encounter. Recently, Justin sold his multi-million dollar mansion in Calabasas to “settle down” in the more secluded community of Santa Barbara. I’d imagine he’ll turn up at many more Isla Vista extravaganzas. Meanwhile, another big time celebrity is partying it up on the east coast. Guess who…