40 Female School Teachers Arrested For Being Naughty

There once was a time when teaching was relegated to within the classroom. Today, it’s expanded to the bedroom and beyond. But the following school teachers have realized that the law is quick to apprehend them and they are currently living life behind bars.

Check out the most stunning cases of teacher-student affairs of the past several years…

Kyle Damato-Kushel

This 45 year old teacher’s aide was arrested in Bridgeport, Connecticut when it was revealed that she carried on a sexual relationship with a 15 year old boy. Things got creepier when we discovered that she had taught the boy back when he was in preschool.

To add another layer of weirdness to this mess, she also had an affair with the boy’s friend… while her two young daughters were present in the room. Yep, she’s clearly one of the worst