28 Fast Food Horrors From The Past Nobody Wants Back [Photos]

Everybody loves fast food. But there is a point when the pleasure of eating it has diminishing returns. Such as these fast food monstrosities in the list. Some were just questionable from the get-go- they never had a chance, for example, seafood from Taco Bell. Not exactly a trusted seafood institution, I’d say. Then there are other crimes of the inedible kind like burgers made with pineapple and cheese. Because when you want a burger, don’t you actually want a mouthful of citric acid, cheese, and regret?

Without further ado, here are 28 fast food items that you won’t be seeing on any throwback menus (we hope):

28. McDonald’s McHot Dog

Mmm… you know that meat that is already part pig and rat feces? Well, now just imagine that one of the biggest fast food chains is in charge of feeding them to you knowing that their unofficial motto is “cheapest is best”. McNOT Dog, AMIRITE?

However, for some reason, the company ended their McHot Dog streak. If you’re in Japan, you can still have this appetizing item for breakfast!