26 Shocking Celebrity Weight Changes

Outside of their respective Hollywood careers, celebrities are known for two things – having a lot of money and having near-perfect physiques. When your career has a lot to do with your looks, it’s no surprise that many stars spend a lot of the time hitting the gym and working with physical trainers. But celebrities are only human and many of them have struggled to maintain a healthy and fit figure. Despite falling off the wagon, some of these celebs have managed to bounce back. Others? Well, they’re not so lucky. Here are 26 celebrities who put on a few extra pounds:

Vince Vaughn

These days we know Vince Vaughn as the funny guy on poorly-scripted comedies but there once was a time when he was considered a heartthrob. When Vince Vaughn first made his mark with Swingers, he debuted a taught bod and handsome looks. The same looks made him the leading man in several romantic comedies. Although Vince is still a hot commodity these days, he’s getting very different roles thanks to the changes in his physique.