25 Of History’s Most Dangerous Gangsters

Gangsters may come from different cities, be affiliated with different groups, and commit differing crimes, but they have one thing in common. Ruthlessness. Here are 25 of history’s most dangerous gangsters. But before we begin, here’s an amazing discovery relating to one of the world’s most famous drug lords, Pablo Escobar.

Farmer’s $600 million discovery

Imagine searching through your backyard, only to uncover a tub full of cash. Welcome to the life of Colombian farmer Jose Mariena Cartolos. The 65 year old had received a $3,000 grant from the national government to create a palm oil plantation. But soon after he starting digging, Cartolos hit on something that would change his life. A container of $600,000,000 that belonged to Mr. Escobar. Unfortunately, the Colombian government is expected to seize the money and use it for their own doing.

Now let’s get this list started…